Heavy & Medium Duty Towing


EVB Towing is ready to serve all of your medium and heavy-duty towing needs.


EVB Towing is the leader in Medium & Heavy Duty Towing in the greater Philadelphia Mid-Atlantic region and beyond, with a large fleet of wreckers and a very experienced staff.



We are equipped to tow and recover all types of large trucks and tractor-trailers, including delivery-type box trucks, tri-axle dump trucks, cement mixers, single and tandem tractors, Motor Coaches and Buses. Local and Long Distance service is provided.


Light Duty Towing


EVB Towing is also the leader in the greater Philadelphia Mid-Atlantic region and beyond for Light Duty Towing. Our fleet of Flatbed and wheel lift tow trucks stands ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you in any situation. We offer light duty towing for any situation from breakdown to an accident and from moving exotic, classic, antique and muscle cars to fleet vehicles.  Our trucks are ideally suited to access vehicles even inside parking garages. Don’t worry if your vehicle has low ground clearance, we have trucks able to handle the lowest of cars & trucks.


Our light duty tow trucks can handle cars or trucks up to 10,000lbs. Don’t worry, for heavier tows we have our full fleet of medium and heavy-duty trucks.


You’ll never receive an answering machine or answering service. The dispatchers at EVB Towing are extremely knowledgeable in the industry to help you out of any situation. Within minutes of a phone call, our staff members and equipment will be ready to assist you in your time of need.


Check out our light, heavy & medium duty towing operators and our 24-hour towing recovery service
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