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EVB Towing specializes in private property solutions, removing unauthorized vehicles from your property including abandoned, unregistered, and illegally parked vehicles at no cost to you.

When partnering with EVB Towing, we will keep your property clear of unauthorized vehicles that could possibly pose a threat to your business and also affect the safety of your residents and their guests. We will create a completely customized program to cater to your needs and allow you to be in control.

As your vehicle removal partner, EVB Towing promises to provide ethical and professional treatment from our qualified towing professionals. We will always go the extra mile to ensure quality results for our customers.

EVB private property solutions provides:

  • Tow Away Signs
  • Resident Parking Permits
  • Digital Photo Documentation
  • Violation & Warning Stickers
  • Notifications to authorities
  • Live dispatch 24/7
  • Quick Response